The Wow Factor!

It’s the Mental Wealth Wow!

If authentic integrated living from the inside out, and from the root up is your quest -then this is for you. 

I have a few questions for you:
  • Do you want to maintain deep connection to the life source?
  • Do you want a consistently stable, focused and peaceful mind?
  • Do you long to function fully –being as productive as you can be?
  • Do you want to stay in the place of accepting yourself and enjoying being you?
If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, welcome to the place of simple but truthful strategies that get you to the place of amazing…

The Mental Wealth Wow: Simple keys to an authentic and amazing life

Right, let’s go straight to the point: we know what mental health is, we know how valuable mental health is. Mental Wealth is the concept of building on mental health. So mental health is just one component and there are other parts that you add in that make your life wow, and we’re going straight into those things. Are you ready?

 You, the reader

Now, reading this you may be a young adult, perhaps still studying, maybe rounding up your studies. Or you may be a more mature person, possibly working, possibly with a family. You want to maintain sound mental health, a healthy mind -but you are interested in going beyond that: to live an amazing life.  You want to find contentment -to look forward to each day with joy. You want to live a fully integrated life with a seamless link between your faith, good mental health and personal expression. So you’re either trying to find your bearing, or aiming to redirect your course in life.

But whichever of these describes your current position, whatever range of experiences you’ve had, deep down we all have the same needs.

What you can expect

Mental Wealth is the concept of building on mental health. So mental health is just one component and there are other parts that you add in that make your life wow, and we’re going into those things with the Mental Wealth Wow. Are you ready?

There are 3 things that give you the Mental Wealth Wow factor

#1. A sound mind: a mind that is renewed in the Word of God, which comes through knowing the Author of Life Jesus Christ.

#2. Mental health: the mind able to deal with the normal stresses of life and able to contribute meaningfully to society.

#3. Creativity: creativity in your own unique way, a unique expression of who you are.

Stay tuned on this journey to discover your Wow Factor...

Christ, Creativity and Contentment: The Mental Wealth Wow!




Gain skill in just 2 minutes; why risk it?

It is the 2-Minute Risk-Kit! 

Psychiatrists and Mental Health Professionals: this is for you. 

✅What we do here is give you the take home message in take away time. 

✅We make it concise, clear, have fun and we're done.

Now to make the most of this, you must do your homework. 

Listen: you can either be 
  • Drifting - in which case you really end up gathering some information and not making the most of it; or 
  • Driven - where you push, push, push; overload yourself into a state of 'infobesity' and end up not being able to make productive use of what you have learnt. 
  •  Or you can live by 
  • Design -where you make a plan, you follow your plan, you walk your talk.

What you need to do is plan to succeed. In other words ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’. 

So have a plan, design your learning curve, apply what you need and get the most out of the 2-Minute Risk-Kit. 

Remember we are concise, we are clear, we have fun and we’re done! 

It’s the 2-Minute Risk-Kit with Dr. Leah.  

Make it clear with Dr. Leah – see you on the inside!

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2-Minute Risk-Kit -About