Gain skill in just 2 minutes; why risk it?

It is the 2-Minute Risk-Kit! 

Psychiatrists and Mental Health Professionals: this is for you. 

✅What we do here is give you the take home message in take away time. 

✅We make it concise, clear, have fun and we're done.

Now to make the most of this, you must do your homework. 

Listen: you can either be 
  • Drifting - in which case you really end up gathering some information and not making the most of it; or 
  • Driven - where you push, push, push; overload yourself into a state of 'infobesity' and end up not being able to make productive use of what you have learnt. 
  •  Or you can live by 
  • Design -where you make a plan, you follow your plan, you walk your talk.

What you need to do is plan to succeed. In other words ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’. 

So have a plan, design your learning curve, apply what you need and get the most out of the 2-Minute Risk-Kit. 

Remember we are concise, we are clear, we have fun and we’re done! 

It’s the 2-Minute Risk-Kit with Dr. Leah.  

Make it clear with Dr. Leah – see you on the inside!

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2-Minute Risk-Kit -About