Dementia Experience #2 of 2

Dementia: I think I might know how it feels….

I was in that world for 8 minutes; it felt like much longer... It was confusing, lonely and painful. It seemed so bleak.
That was in a virtual dementia tour. I hope I am more caring and understanding after this.

 A few practical learning points I got for the right approach in offering support to a person who has dementia: 

 1. Importance of introduction- introduce yourself by name every time 

 2. Give attention immediately if possible -a few minute can feel like hours 

 3. Give one specific instruction at a time -don't be vague or give too many instruction in one go 

 4. Make eye contact 

 5. Speak clearly and at eye level

  6. Give personal space 

 7. Always approach at 90 degree angle -not from behind 

 8. Pictures can help give visual representation to make communication clearer. 

More about the virtual dementia tour here:…/dementia-simulator-my-experience…


Dementia Experience #1 of 2

Dementia: how does it feel?

Memory loss, Speech impairment, Poor co-ordination, Impaired facial recognition… A Psychiatrist knows the symptoms – but how does it really feel to have Dementia?



Watch Dementia Experience #2 of 2 to find out what happened next.